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    HC NBA Ballers

    Super sad for Gordon. Hope he will be back even stronger next year.
  2. That connector is a balanced connector only. It's very compacted and is gaining popularity compared to 3.5 and 2.5 mm balanced jack. I use that Pentaconn connector with my Sony NW-WM1Z and TA-ZH1ES amp.
  3. Well what did those Sennheiser guys say about your Stax and HE-90 system? Thanks.
  4. Same here Todd. I get to audition his E-Stats about a year back and it needed serious volume on the Carbon and BHSE as well. Still, I think he may have resolved the issue since then. I feel the same way about him with constant upgrade/updates to his headphones. Dan's new Aeon Flow Open is seriously good and has come a long way from the prototype unit. Everyone should really give it a try. This particular model is efficient enough and sound very good out of my portable DAPs.
  5. The thing with Dan is he continues to improve on his craft and hopefully one day his stats will measure up to Stax. I have listened to his Aeon Flow Open recently and it is much improved from the prototype and punch way above its asking price. Hate to admit but I'm starting to become his fan.
  6. What...how about the Liquid Spark and Tungsten?!?!
  7. Have a great and wonderful birthday Vicki!
  8. Probably not quite as warm, but I have never tried the P-1 either.
  9. DSHA-3 with a Walnut DAC? I still wish I kept the DHSA-2 prototype and didn't use it as a trade for the Ravenswood. That little amp is fantastic for the size. Another good choice is to wait for Justin's GS-1 MKII toward the beginning of next year.
  10. I would go with the DSHA-2 Shelly. It's a a great sounding amp requiring a very small foot print. Still, u will need a DAC to go along with it. As a hybrid digital amp, you will not need a DAC for the Sony. Still a warmer tonal balanced may not work out great with the HD650 but is a great match with the HD800. The Sony amp has enough power to drive any dynamic phones but not quite enough to bring out the best in HEK or hard to drive plannar. The ZH1ES was within a striking distance to Doug's ECP DSHA-2 prototype when I had them side by side but the production DSHA-2 should widen that gap. The bass on the ZH1ES is quite generous but the attack is a little soft. I think Sony had intention of voicing this amp to be as warm and analog-like and I think they do have a very good product at the end of day. A used ZH1ES can be found for as low as $1500 making a really goood deal for a one stop solution.
  11. I have one and really enjoy it. What headphones do you plan on using with it? It has a warm and inviting sound with beautiful soundstage but a little soft around the edge. I also use mine at work. It won't measure up to ECP DSHA-0 or 2 or Justin's GSX-MKII but as an all-in-one solution...a very solid choice. DSD is great on this. You can buy a Sony NW-A35, load up some DSD albums, and output DSD via its WMport to the ZH1ES for native DSD playback. Because of a Hybrid Class D design, digital input will yield the best sound quality. You can also use it as a DAC but a DAC out section is an after thought for this amp. Beautifully crafted with 5 years warranty from Sony. It sounds better than the HDVD-800 driving the HD800.
  12. I got mine upgraded with relative ease. Took me around 30 mins at the most. The Gen 5 is definitely a good upgrade over the Gen 3. Sound is warmer with better resolution. Has better sense depth as well. Loving it!
  13. Just ordered my new USB board last night. I hope it will get rid of a somewhat annoying brightness that I do get sometime on USB 3.0 board. Damn it I sure wish that the Yggy can do DSD natively.
  14. I ordered the Gen 5 USB card for my Yggy last night. Any audible improvement from Gen 3?
  15. The best post by Birgir thus far!
  16. Justin, TTYJ and Moon-Audio are doing the same discount in the month of October and no trade-in is required.
  17. Has to do with Innerfidelity for sure. I do own the Utopia and find them quite great and yes I didn't pay full price for them. Still, I think some reviewers have totally forgot to mention how little amplification one actually needed to power the Utopia. I get excellent results straight out from my Sony NW-ZX100 & ZX2. Yes, it does scale too but I can't imagine getting anything half decent with hard to drive Orthos such as Hifman HEK, Susvara, or LCD4 or even HD800.
  18. Great to know that you are safe and somewhat sound. Would love to have some updates from Hemi Sam.
  19. Please keep us up to date. Hoping for the very best for Steve and Shelly.
  20. No doubt about it. McGregor and Mayweather got what they want from this match - Shit load of cash! I'm going to watch my Dragon Ball Super Episode 105 now.
  21. I watched the fight via FaceTime from Thailand (thanks to my dad - I also watched Pac Vs. Floyd that way). Glad I didn't pay for the fight but Floyd is an over match to Cornor as it should be. Both made shitload of cash. Decent fight that got really good toward the end. Thought that the ref ended the fight way too early.
  22. I also have the Yggy and I do love it a great deal. However, the lack of DSD decoding really starting annoy me...hence the reason why I bought the Matrix X-Sabre Pro DAC that can do DSD very well.
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