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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post


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I downloaded this video off some site (I think a server from the college where it was filmed) in the 00s (when downloading an entire video was a novel idea.)  I moved it from HDD to HDD, machine to machine for the rest of the decade.  Sometime around 2010, I uploaded it to YouTube, but kept it unlisted.  Today, I rummaged for it (YT's interface is legendarily bad) and made it public:

I hope the copyright trolls leave me alone.  It's a pretty fascinating watch if one cares about music production at all.  RIP, Steve.

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That Finnish entry was wonderfully outrageous!

Oddly un-Finnish. I've worked with the often dour Finns and visited the country on business many times (once when it was a ridiculous -40C or F). One guy that was on a project I was running sounded particularly miserable all the time. I said "Are all Finns as miserable as you Mikko?" he replied, slowly and miserably "Oh - I'm known as the cheerful one"

It is also high on the gun crime and gun suicide rankings. 18% of suicides and 15% of homicides. The country only has 5.5 million inhabitants. Per 100,000 it is second after the USA.

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This is so singularly Eurovision I struggle for words.  The absolute dumpster fire eurobeat track itself, the censorship of the windows logo, the man inexplicably hatching out of a jort egg, the second singer wearing a denim swatch capecoat, the sense that this is probably performed bottomless when not on TV, all of it.  

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