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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post


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I've mentioned that much of MV live takes place on Facebook groups (much to my chagrin.)  There's 3 major ones: Islanders Talk (invite only, must be an MV resident, no politics allowed), Islanders Unfiltered (same, allows politics, reads like the staging area of the next January 6), and MV Stuff 4 Sale (what it sounds like.)  In that last group I see all sorts of deals, and have listed a few things myself.  I saw this yesterday:




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Think back to ancient prehistory when Telex messages were a thing. In those far distant days, I worked for a technology consultancy company.

Now noise on a Telex line could give rise to garbled messages. This is one I received from a client company:


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It is a white Ford Bronco hearse and now I can see that the Grim Reaper is driving. Before being arrested, OJ famously forced his football buddy Al Cowlings drive OJ in his white Ford Bronco at gunpoint and they ended up in a slow speed chase with police on the freeway. Riff on that iconic OJ moment, when everyone took that as a sign that he was admitting he was guilty

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