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50-50 Eclipse Vertical Tasting and Release Party -- December 4-5, 2013


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Sad Day in Mudville... --








Yes, that is a 2013 - 4 roses bottle...



I was getting growlers ready for a Russian River Run tomorrow.. turned around and then foot caught the edge of the bottle.. 


Don't worry - this is one of my bottles not any of the distribution set...



Ed - my garage smells pretty good though...

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Accommodations will not be an issue as people can stay at the Absorbine Inn or nearby establishments, and we can then caravan to FFF. What WILL be a problem is ticketing for the event. Traditionally, tickets go on sale online on St. Patrick's day, March 17th. Those tickets are not hard to get, they are impossible to get. Last year they were gone in approximately 2 minutes.


But, the last 2 years FFF have made tickets available for local folks on two Sunday's before the event. This is not a known quantity as they tweet in the morning that tickets will be on sale that day. And even this is not an easy thing, as the person buying the tickets gets their name on the tickets. So if I buy the limit (2 tickets), my name goes on them. I can bring one guest, but I have to show ID on DLD and thus have to be there. So to get people in on DLD we will need enough people here to buy tickets locally who are then willing to go to DLD and take one of you folks in as their guest.


Bottom line - I think Bryan and I need to see who we can assemble from the local pool to see if this could be pulled off.

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Yeah, going to have to hope for the best with the online sales. Organizing a local crew to cover guests will be really difficult as all my old college friends, sans Asian Dan, don't live in the area anymore. Allison will not be attending either, just wasn't her thing.

I'm going to try for both online and local sales at the brewpub. Would like multiple ticket scratch-offs for the barrel versions. If I succeed then I can cover at least two guests, albeit in different groups.

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