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World Cup 2014


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:( 2nd half Colombia played as they should have played the first one. Brazil still doesn't convince me, but they'll win this fake competition anyway :palm: I can foresee a final match between Brazil and Argentina. Would you bet which one will win?

There's actually a big rumour around here that this is all fake. Brazil is going through very difficult times economically and socially. Current government is a joke and hosting the World Cup in a country with increasingly bad education and health systems is an outrage. I actually think it'll be good for the country if we lose, since the happiness will be over and we will be able to go back to complaining about our situation.

Still, I think that this is just a conspiracy theory, as I can't bring myself to believe that it would be possible to fake such a big thing with so many countries involved.

In other news, I just learned that Neymar's back is fractured and that we lost him for the WC. I wasn't at all confident before that, but now, I completely lost hope. If we win now, the conspiracy theory is going to convince me.

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They published the CT scans on a Brazilian paper? :palm: I don't think that can be done under any privacy protecting law system.


Well, this is Brazil Antonio, so everything's possible...


I actually saw a 3D scan (no idea if it's a tomography or whatever) as well because my brother-in-law is a doctor and has a friend who works in a hospital in Fortaleza... then there's WhatsApp... you get the idea.

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A. The Rights of Celebrities

Celebrities are entiltled to the same general right of privacy that extends to all individuals. However, the degree to which that right is protected is much narrower for public figures. Articles recounting the details of the daily lives of celebreties generate a much higher level of interest on the part of the public than do similar stories concerning unknown people. As a result, a broad spectrum of information concerning celebrities is transferred from the protective shield of privacy into the realm of the public interest"



Celebrities' Rights to Privacy,  Jamie E. Nordhaus, p.289



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