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First day in two months the high has been below 55 and first day in almost 3 its snowed.  Hopefully this bad luck isn't a sign of how things will go with the new toy i just took delivery of.. 

Moved too far from downtown to not have a car, and I narrowed the list down to a Subaru or a Subaru, after realizing an AWD Wagon was what I needed. The BMW that was perfect was just too much of a ris

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Car weighs ~4500lbs.  Moderate boost pass (11-12psi).  Royal Purple Raceway during 1/4 mile test and tune trying to iron a few things out before the standing mile event the car is built for.  Street legal....sat/nav and AC still in the big girl.  Don't have the heart to gut her to run an 8 sec pass.



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Thanks, VPI.  It started life as a stick car weighing just short of 4100lbs w/o driver.  They're basically 4-door parts cars by Chrysler where the frame was chopped 4" to produce the Challenger.  She's a big girl and it makes for some unusual things like the longest input shaft on the trans and a shift mechanism set back far creating weaknesses I've found the limits of over the last 6 years.  It's gone through a lot of iterations...a 10-pt cage and a bunch of other crap...some of it dropped a few pounds but mostly I've added through add'l fluids, proper big brakes, all the TT bits, big ass 4L80E trans and a Ford 9" rear to handle the power, etc...

Here is the car the first time it ran 9's in the quarter.  It was near you at VMP (I've never seen quarter mile track prep at a private event like that other than the few times I ran her in Virginia).  I ditched the manual sadly as I was twisting RPM built Tremecs from input shaft to output shaft. We learned a lot that day...I had to lift to get the auto to shift relying on the OEM rpm signal.  






Plumbing is under the car.  It was 3" custom piping which made for a very tight fit given the block is pretty good size (406 CI).  Currently working on installing a nifty integrated kit that will have the oiling for the TT's and a good bit of the piping integrated into the K-member.  You can see a bit of it here along with the mid-plate that's going in.






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