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On 6/11/2018 at 5:50 PM, TMoney said:

For @Fitz! This looks stunningly good.


quite a bit late but ive been following this game since 2013, trust me, im getting it as soon as it comes out.

the original teaser was hype af, and since max mike has been involved in the creation of it, and been more hype about it than anyone, i have high hopes.

edit: we also got a detailed gameplay reveal a few months ago:


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So I've played Prey which to me can be most accurately summed up as a true spiritual successor of System Shock 2 and Deus Ex. Don't let the marketing material that makes it look like an action-packed shooter mislead you.

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This one is in my top 5 games I've ever played. Game of 2018 for me, narrowly beating out God of War.

It isn't like any other game out there. A story-telling masterpiece while also a technical showcase on XBox 1X on a 4k tv.

This is what happens when you take one of the world's most successful development teams and give them an unlimited budget and 8 years to perfect things. This level of polish is nearly unheard of from any other developer other than Rockstar.

Only real caveat is that it is a very looooong game that doesn't lend itself to 30-60 minute play sessions. This is a world I wanted to get lost in for hours at a time.

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