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AOIP (Audio over Ethernet) or is USB dead?


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5 hours ago, astrostar59 said:

I am done.....

If I had a nickel for every time I heard this...

What's wrong with listening to you?  You haven't established any credence yet, that's what.  If I tried everything that some random stranger on the internet told me to try, I wouldn't have time for the things that I truly enjoy.  And I'd have a buttload of Galaxy Note 7s.

I've already explained why you shouldn't be the one pushing this.  If you persist in ignoring me and in your unpaid shilling, I shall have to resort to stronger words.

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Bah, just use a DAC which has a memory buffer and galvanic isolation. It will sound the same with any input, because jitter will be dictated by the on-board master clock and galvanic isolation will take care of most of the ground/line crud.

The only price to pay for this would be latency induced by buffer size. Mine adds 0.5ms.

You can't just go spewing out stuff like "USB is dead, because my AOIP gear makes me feel better/different".

P.S. Just keep in mind guys, that USB audio can't really be compared to other data transfer protocols which have error correction. USB audio can't do checksums and repeat sends, it'll just cut out, if the stream gets interrupted. In theory you could make an audio transfer protocol which would have a buffer and then attempt resends for bad packages until the buffer runs out. Think - anti-vibration systems on those portable CDPS your cool friends had.

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14 hours ago, RudeWolf said:

USB audio can't do checksums and repeat sends, it'll just cut out, if the stream gets interrupted. 

I read somewhere that wasn't the case. You'd get a bad value. Then that was supposedly poo-poo-ed because if you got an error on the most significant bit, the sonic world would end and everybody would hear it.

The poo-poo-ing made me very suspicious, because an error on the MSB would be a lot like a zero-crossing error. I've made, well, a few zero-cross errors in editing and nobody ever noticed. But I suspect that one every hundred thousand samples or million samples or so would probably sound like bad sounding digital. 

All of which suggests to me exactly what you said: Buffer enough to be able to resend resend packets. Why not?

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