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Kerry Design mini GRHV\GRLV and JoaMat mini T2 Group Buy


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  • 2 weeks later...

Table updated!

Also, some progress updates: I tested the timer, relay and LV sections on the Main Board and they all work as designed. I am very close to sending final boards to fab house for quotes. With some luck with remaining tests, it may happen this week. 

With that in mind, a few things we need to all think about and decide. Please share your thoughts on this thread:

1. A reminder - the GRHVxxx and GRLV boards will not work by themselves as stand alone regulators. The rectifiers, filter caps, current limit circuit for HV are on the Main Board.

2. You can use 78xx/79xx regulators to replace GRLV boards if so desired. In fact, that's how I tested the Main Board.

3. The default timer setup on the main board is about 45 seconds. You can change a couple parts to adjust. The timer and relay circuits are both optional and can also be replaced with external modules.

4. R7, 8, 9, 10 on the GRHVxxx board set the regulated output voltage.


A couple of items to think about and decide:

1. We should consider, as I have mentioned before, if to have the GRHVxxx board either fully or partially assembled. I hand-soldered all the SMD parts on the main board. It's manageable. The GRHVxxx is another matter - it's small and operates on very high voltage. Soldering the HN4A51J part alone is no bargain.

2. This GB has dragged on for some time. If you have changed your mind about the item quantities, etc., please post them here and I will update the table. We need final counts to get quotes. 


More update to follow!




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Thanks! For the answer and for the much work. You know the the TPS7As were a real challenge with the mini dynalo, Kerry's (and Kevin Gilmore) design. So I thought there were some experiences.

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After looking at posts by Kerry regarding the GRHV boards I think it might be a good idea for builders of the mini T2 to even build Kerry’s regulators. To me those boards seems doable and they aren’t any more difficult than the amplifier boards nor significant higher voltages either. The more you solder the better you get at it.

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Could I adjust to 6x GRHV, 8x GRLV78xx, 8x GRLV79xx, 3x main board, 1x mini T2?

I don't particularly need the GRHVs to be preassembled. If the cost increase is reasonable I wouldn't mind but otherwise I'd prefer to stick with bare boards.

Thanks for your work on this!

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