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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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Bought it all. Working now to line up local buyers for much of the non-Maple/Walnut.  Have lined up enough to double the cost I paid and I still have about 90% of the sticks still left to sell. 

Most ridiculous pieces were two 16’x14” Oak Quartersawn 8/4 and the 14’x12” Walnut 12/4 behemoth. . 

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Ended up heading to Texas to pick up the Supermax as it was a bit too large of a project for my dad.  Smaller than I expected, which is perfect and really no sign of wear at all. 

Got it all put back together after transport to the farm where it will live until I have time to drive the truck down to pick it up. 






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Original, non-downsampled (slightly higher quality) version but may be inaccessible because:reasons,

thanks to those nice people on the internet





This might fill the void of the other woodworking one that was canceled because of the nazi tattoo guy who lied about his dead father.

Wow, it looks really stupid when I write it out like that.









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Did the jointing work (sort-of) for the top of the new dog crate for my basement. Walnut sides and cherry racing stripe. 
Only have a 6” jointer and the planer only goes to 13, so I am going to have to half ass it and try to let dominoes make everything flat.

Walnut is pretty good but the cherry lifts in one corner. 


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Load #1 ready for unloading. Sooo much fucking sticks. 
Had a commercial woodworker there loading up his expensive edge bander and he said I had at least 18 BF of Wenge, 250 of walnut and even more of the hard maple and oak. 


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