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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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1 hour ago, dsavitsk said:

You say that like it took a long time. That's remarkably fast. And it looks great.


1 hour ago, naamanf said:

I’ve been plugging away at it for a couple weeks, it’s deceptively a whole lot of more work than it looks. So far I’ve collected seven 55 gallon bags of wood chips making it. 

So far I’m happy with how it’s turning out even though I’ve made a couple mistakes here and there. 

I've seen guys post benches they made over the course of a year, so I'm with Doug on the quickness of your work. Looks excellent.

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^^^ What he said. Weeks is but a blink of an eye these days.

Me - fudged up a.little programming which coupled with minor machine error almost conspired to kill my progress. I managed to salvage their piece with tolerable errors and suspect the owner/recipient won't notice or care.  Onto finishing. 



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2 hours ago, naamanf said:

So far I’ve collected seven 55 gallon bags of wood chips making it. 

So you need to buy your kids hamsters now.

1 hour ago, Augsburger said:

Doug/Naaman, of what language are you speaking?

Sounds Dothraki to me.

It's Woodish, which is a derivative of Elvish.

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1 hour ago, Voltron said:


I've seen guys post benches they made over the course of a year, so I'm with Doug on the quickness of your work. Looks excellent.

I could see that if someone was working on a little here and there. The Felder really earned it's keep, I spent just about two days straight jointing and plane 300bf of rough maple. Being able to quickly make accurate adjustments was really nice. 

43 minutes ago, VPI said:

I am still trying to figure out all the space you seem to have in your house Naaman. Do you have another shop in the backyard?

Just a garage. HOA won't let me build one. 

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I made some clamp hangers and I'm OK with the aesthetics.


This week has been weird and potentially dangerous on and off. On Wednesday, I was getting ready for the electrician to finish work in the new shop and he suggested that I could remove peg board from the back wall and drill the studs to run wire for the new outlets. I cut out pieces of the peg board and started drilling the stud closest to the corner with a spade bit. Arcy sparky popping circuit, I drilled right through the romex stapled to the back side of the stud. I didn't die. 

That same afternoon, I was going to make those clamp hangers and decided I would use a fancy Incra miter sled I have. The Sawstop miter track is in a different spot so I had to cut the sled on the saw and moved the metal fence way back away from the blade because it shouldn't get cut but also because the Sawstop safety feature triggers with metal as well as flesh. Long story short, I moved the fence back to near zero and went to cut the first board. It seemed like the the blade was still cutting the sled slightly so I looked closely at the fence and blade and it seemed OK until the mechanism fired and the blade disappeared. Fuck me.


I got through yesterday without major mishap, and today I wanted to try clearing out outdoor drain before the next atmospheric river hits on Monday. I was using our new Ridgid Powered Drain Cleaner for the second time.


The drain is very low and I had to learn over into the drain while feeding the snake, which is operated by a foot pedal. Long story short, my beard got caught in the cable snake spiral and it ripped out a big chunk before I could turn it off. 




That was quite freaky, and after cleaning up I couldn't quite take shaving for the first time in years. I didn't like the halfway look of disgruntled mayor of Whoville, so I have ended the day with a bit of Marshall Matt Dillon. The drain is clear, now that I got a tennis ball and lots of rocks and leaves out. 



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OMG that is a terrible run of misfortune. Fortunately you made it out mostly unscathed. On a positive note you are all set for beatnik poetry night. Just need to find your beret. 

I’ve read multiple times about the Incra cause of Saw Stops to trigger. 

Clamp rack looks great!

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