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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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Milo & Otis took a big step towards enclosing the new shop today. We framed two of the three walls with rough openings for double doors and a 4x4 window. All studs are old growth straight grain Douglas Fir that I salvaged from the house my brother is about to tear down. Straight and sound and fun to work with. Tomorrow we will build the third wall on the floor and then plop it into place with the sheathing and clapboards already on it because there is no room to work between the rock wall and the framing over on that side.





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It's such a treat to work with straight and true lumber again, and normally I don't like anything straight. 😋

I also like that it's going to look like it's always been that way. And if the shop ever goes away, we can just cut a door into the back wall, because there's a bedroom and full bath behind the garage. Put in a kitchenette, and you have another goldmine Fairfax rental.

Or put an aging Carpenter up in his old age. 🤪

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3 hours ago, Voltron said:




2 hours ago, swt61 said:

It's such a treat to work with straight and true lumber again

A nice trick - soft wood is plain sawn from trees just big enough to yield a 2x12. The 2x12's are taken across the middle with the 2x4's from the edge. Those edge pieces are the most likely to warp, but if you take a 2x12 and turn it into 3 2x4's, the two from the outside edges are effectively quarter sawn and are much more likely to be stable.



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I've a similar cyclone (mine is plastic) bolted to the side of my shop vac. Amazing thing - all the machine tool shavings, including fine dust, end up in the cyclone, and nothing in the shop vac. So the filters in the vac don't get blocked up, and it retains maximum suction.

But mine is passive. Yours seems to be a powered one?

Yup - same make as yours but this one https://www.oneida-air.com/dust-deputy-deluxe-cyclone-separator-kit

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Have my dad watching estate sales for woodworking stuff. Got a score tonight with a Supermax 25-50 sander for a whopping $400. Looks to be almost new from the pics. The auction house listed it as a Shopsmith as the guy had a ton of that stuff so no one was watching it. 



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That's definitely a nice unit. Some people think that a wide belt sander will do the job of a planer. It will not, but as a very effective way to sand things, it's fantastic, but it'll never take away 1/8" of material. At least not in less than 24 hours and several expensive sanding belts.

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