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Woodworkers of Head Case unite!


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17 hours ago, naamanf said:

OMG that is a terrible run of misfortune. Fortunately you made it out mostly unscathed. On a positive note you are all set for beatnik poetry night. Just need to find your beret. 

I’ve read multiple times about the Incra cause of Saw Stops to trigger. 

Clamp rack looks great!

I'm looking for my beret right now. But I already looked up the Incra-Sawstop Dilemma, so thanks for pointing that out. 

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Finally got all the stupid rods cut and painted so I can start putting the frame together for the dog crate. 

Hoping to have time tomorrow in the last of the warming weather to get it all nailed together and try to spray on some stain and poly. 






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Also, my steel wool/vinegar stain is coming along nicely, just trying to decide if I spray on Poly after the stain, or if I have to let it cure for some time to get to final color?

I am quickly running out of staining temps, maybe 2 days, so I was hoping to spray and seal all today.

Any of the wood gurus have experience with vinegar sticks?

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I changed the top piece now from thick cedar slab with walnut to a 14” 4/4 Purple Heart slab with walnut.  Going to tie it together with the entry cabinet which will have all walnut with a walnut slab split in half by a thin Purple Heart stick on top.

No idea when I will be able to actually apply some finish to the top as the warmest day for the foreseeable future is tomorrow at 54.

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Cutting it to the wire so for now this is going to be an ultra-cool open top dog crate. 

Frisco has had 3 seizures in the last 24 hours so it has been way too hard to get anything done these days.  I think I need to stick to much smaller projects as I just cannot find the room to work on these large ones. 



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