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Fuck in snow

Salt Peanuts

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It's been somewhat bananas here, with temps either being way above normal with precipitation (earlier in the week 45 and rainy) and now a run of single-digit frigid cold with wind chills deep into the negatives digits.  There's virtually no snow left at this point and the skiing is shit from all the rain so it's pretty hard to enjoy winter when it's like that.  

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The snowmageddon has commenced here in southern NH.  It started around 7am and has picked up significantly in the last hour.  Winds are steady and not insane, here's to hoping they stay that way and the power stays on.  Brisket production has already been delayed one day to allow weather to clear and avoid an interrupted cook.


Bear in mind that the yard was 100% bare of snow yesterday.

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It never crested 0° C yesterday -- was probably safer walking yesterday than it will be today, since nothing melted and refroze into black ice.  Just sublimated.  Today I will be very very careful when I go on my walk (shortly -- peak sun -- as black ice happens to form in the shadows of the apartment buildings around here).

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The ride home was painful.  Mother Nature decided that she gave no fucks about the forecast, which had called for strong but not insane winds shifting from WSW to NNE later in the day.  When I left work at 4:15 for the 20 mile ride, it was ripping WSW at 19MPH with gusts up to 32MPH.  By the time I got home the temps had dropped into the mid 40s and I was thanking the good lord that I remembered arm warmers.

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