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Fuck in snow

Salt Peanuts

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11 hours ago, skullguise said:

Being there, doing that......






EDIT: and the remedy just arrived!


Remedy For Snow.jpg

Sorry to argue, but that's what's known as a coping mechanism. The remedy is moving somewhere warm.

It took me 40 years to learn that.

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2 hours ago, skullguise said:

Annnnnnnnnnndddddd, about a week later.....gotta love New England


Seriously, it was so nice here yesterday that I rode my bike to work. I think the last time I did that in November it was 19F when I left the house.  Yesterday it was 52F and was still in the 60s when I got home (after dark).  It was funny to ride by the various small bodies of water near my house and feel how cold the thermal influence of that mass made the surrounding air.  It was like riding through pockets of the refrigerated isle at the grocery store.

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