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Apogee Duet Kicks Ass


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It's not really the treble. It's the upper midrange dip that makes them sound veiled at low to moderate volumes. This does go away at higher volumes, and in my experience people that listen at louder volume levels hear no veil (which is fine). Though I still think they're a terrible headphone having owned them twice :D

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Can you please compare it with Pico ? both as DAC only and DAC/Amp combo?
Well I've spent a little time with both. I think most would put the Duet ahead on DAC only duty. I was surprised of the differehere. It really is more involving with a musicality that's spot on for me. Some though may prefer a more relaxed presentation (this is only in comparison - the Pico is not a laid back source). Soundstage is noticeably superior overall. Certainly wider. Details about the same and a welcomed crispness with both.

As amp duty it depends on the phone. Fluctuates between similar to Pico pulls ahead so it gets the win here overall. The Senns have been called underpowered with the Duet, but I found the sound acceptable for the occasional use I'd probably use the jack and less noticeable then other phones like the W1000, which suffers more. I haven't heard a phone sound horrible out of the Pico, but depending on the needs, the Duet can sound like it's underpowering your cans.

The Pico is a better source than the Duet a head amp, but it comes down to your use which is better overall. First, the Pico seems better constructed for portable use. Second, the Duet obviously has that A/D functionality. If you're primarily looking for a DAC and occasional amp use, I would point you to the Duet first. Need a greater balance between the two? Go Pico.

Still the Pico is an outstanding DAC for the money and an amazing combo for many phones like the Senns and W5000. I thought about giving up my wireless Squeezebox system and setting up USB repeaters throughout my apartment to use the Pico as my primary DAC at one point. It's great, but I know understand why some suggest buying a Mac solely to run a Duet and I'm likely going to be buying one soon.

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I can't find anything on their site about that. Link? (justin's link doesn't work for me btw)

It's a large PDF that has their new lines. Justin's link didn't work for me. I emailed him 35 times to make sure he would fix it, but he never once replied. Then I called him. He said the post would be added to his waiting list. Fine I was happy to wait to get the correct link. 2 months later, he told me we was ready to change it, but I wasn't able to pay for it. Now he canceld the edit. FUCK HEADAMP and JUSTIN :palm:

Neutrik - Updates

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