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Great read Vicki; thank you. So true, music is a common bond that crosses so many language, culture, and state-of-being-related boundaries. Perhaps management will realize (with a nudge) that music is the ice breaker you use it for and that they are eliminating a valuable tool.

And also back on topic, I guess I am a Dennis Morecroft fan, since I have his solid core interconnects and speaker cables, not to mention his influence on Resolution Audio's products. I'm also a big Resolution Audio fan. And let's not forget fried chicken, for which I am a huge fan; woe how I miss fried chicken (stoopeed diet).

No, and that's what's sad. It was decided that if anyone were listening to music, it would give the impression that no real work was getting done, which is bs. Most of our work is done in groups or one-on-one with patients, but it was nice to be able to listen to music while doing all the after-the-fact documentation. They already banned the Internet from all except the Executive Director, the Program Director and Office Manager (but we are allowed to access it from our phones or laptops...go figure). I actually brought in music for the patients. It was a nice way to get to know something about them and have them stop viewing me as the enemy. If you can't have one positive bond, the likelihood that you'll be able to gain their trust enough to do any good is pretty low. Music was an easy in. That's the saddest thing of all.

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Man.....those are a lot of AKG headphones. You should be a poster boy for AKG.

I'm a fanboy of the followings:

1) Sony MDR-R10

2) SinglePower (Although, Mikhail has been dropping many balls lately).

3) L3000+DHA3000 combo & AT Woodies

4) Orpheus System

5) Sony SCD-1/777ES

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Music: Oliver Lieb, Tom Waits, Geir Jenssen, The Knife, Johnny Cash.

Comedy: Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce.

Film: Alfred Hitchcock, Wim Wenders, Stanley Kubrick.

What? This was supposed to be about gear? How about modern Canon lenses, and vintage Nikkors?

I do own an awful lot of Sennheisers, but I seem to listen to my TakeTs and Beyers more these days.

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