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You could go yard saling, and find an old stereo to steal knobs from.

Some ovens and older kitchen appliances also have some nice knobs & dials you can steal. Take a walk down the street on garbage day with a couple screwdrivers and you should be able to find something.

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Looks awesome. Is that all the components you'll be using in the amp, or are there going to be other parts soldered onto socket pins or the like? Either way, huge relief after the massive parts count of some solid state stuff, eh?

That's all the hard mounted parts but there are definitely a few more (just resistors and caps) to go that will be wired into the circuit and either attach to the tube sockets, terminal strips or otherwise. I ended up adding a second terminal strip last night to use as a grounding point. I drew up a wiring diagram for the whole amp and I just wasn't happy with how things were being routed and by the number of connections that I was having to tie to a single point. This is mostly because as a starting point the ground of the amp is going to be floated and not tied to the chassis while the amp chassis will be tied to AC ground via the umbilical cord. We'll see what I get for hum, hey at this point I'd be happy with hum, and then figure out if I need to work on an alternate grounding scheme. I'm pretty sure that there was no way this was ever going to be a single chassis amp. ;D

Here's to hoping I can get the wiring finished up tonight and maybe test it tomorrow night. A box of tubes just arrived so I've got my test tubes ready to go.


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This is Nate, posting to you live from the Top Secret Menace testing facility, errr, my basement. The power supply has just been successfully fired for the first time without issue. Unloaded B+ is right on target with the 5AR4's, now rolling in 5U4G's to see if B+ drops as expected... So far it's all WOOTS! here in NH.

And there won't be any testing of the amp tonight, I'm done with the wiring but want to send pictures to Pete for a quick sanity check before unleashing the hounds for the first time.

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