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1-Year Subscription to Stereophile Magazine for free

FreeBizMag offers a 1-Year Subscription to Stereophile Magazine for free after filling out a short survey.

Went through the survey, said no thanks to all the "focused" email spam / other magazines they offered.

No credit card details were asked for - so looks like I'm set up for the dead tree edition for the next 12 months smile.gif

Just to confirm that this worked. The August and September editions arrived today. I now have some new poolside reading material :)

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Turns out the damage was a bit more severe than a bad cable. They could still be repaired for less than the cost of a new pair, but not enough less that it seemed worth it. So new Etys are on the way.

That's because you're supposed to put them in your ears!

24/96 is fine with me since no one has ever convinced me that they can hear a difference between 16/44 and 24/anything.

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Elusive Disc Labor Day sale:


This offer ends Monday September 5, 2011 at 12 Midnight EST!

To take advantage of this Sale, place an order of $99 or more, enter "LABOR11" in the promotional code field at the top of the Shopping Basket Page, AND hit the Submit button. 'Your code has been accepted.' will then be displayed and you are now ready to start SAVING! Your 10% discount and Free Shipping will be reflected on our website. USPS Priority Mail will automatically be selected as your shipping method and will show a cost of $0.00.

Sale also includes items marked as 'Not eligible for further discount' including ALL 45s!

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Attention Dr. single malt aka Mikeymad, http://www.klwines.c...asp?sku=1064605 I know you have tried Juslyn recently,seemed to have liked it and the Juslyn Cab is pretty good so here 'tis.

Thanks Augs... I had the 2003 Cab not too long ago.. and it was just okay for me... I have one more of them that I will give a try.. But pretty good price at K&L for the '99...

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Decent 120GB SSD for $100 after rebate.


EDIT: It seems a lot of people are reporting file corruption on these. I would be wary.

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