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The new Grado lineup

John E Woven

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Confirmed - Grado PS1000 coming

Apparently, there's going to be a new PS1000. MSRP is $1695.

PS1000: The new Grado flagship headphone. Considered by those who have heard them to absolutely be the best headphone Grado has ever produced.

The SR60 is now the SR60i

The SR80 is now the SR80i

The SR125 is now the SR125i

The SR225 is now the SR225i

The SR325i is now the SR325is

The RS2 is now the RS2i

The RS1 is now the RS1i

The GS1000 is now the GS1000i

They're also offering the wooden boxes; $75 + shipping.

Grado's site

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All the JAG# PS-1s sold for big money. John Grado knows that theres a very comfy margin for a successor product, massive interest in the HD800 confirms this for him. Seems a sound business decision to me.

I bet those new wooden boxes will sell pretty well too.

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dont know about that. The 800 is supposed to not sound like the traditional senn sound so many grado fans might have still went for it.

Yeah, to me whenever I hear a headphone is "fast" like the 800 sounds like it is going to be, I think Grado.

I think the whole line up revision is pretty lame, but I like the idea of a regular production PS-1. It would suck to be somebody who paid three or four grand for a JAGBAY CHROME but I don't feel bad for them.

I remember when I jokingly referred to a GS2000/new Grado flagship a year ago. I'm pretty shocked a new one has come this early. Here's hoping the debut is at Canjam. EDIT: march 1st debut, i didn't read the HF thread.

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Pics of all the new models are on the grado labs website minus the PS1000. The RS1i looks like the buttonless version RS1s, nothing really different that i can tell.

Although I prefer electrostatics, grados/alessandros interested me from the very start and i enjoy my ms1 to this very day. With the PS1000 coming, maybe its time to invest in a dynamic rig too. Hopefully this new offering will not be like the GS1000. Not a great can imo.

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