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Cancelled: SoFla Mini Meet 7/17 - 7/19


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Alex, haven't you figured out yet that meets are only 30% about gear? Gear should never be the deciding factor. For shame. I thought we taught you better.

Oh, I know that now, Vicky! Looking forward to spending time with all of you guys. My post above was in reference to the performance of the BHSE being the deciding factor on whether the O2's are put up for sale or not. That's all. It had no correlation to my attendance. I was going either way. Right now, I just can't justify an electrostat rig. In the end, it might not be my cup o' tea (heresy to some, I know). Even if the BHSE doesn't make it to the meet, you'll see me. ;D

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Well, I have bad news. I have two cases set for trial the week of July 27. One is likely to go and will require me to be in Pensacola for about a week. I am going to be out of town on Friday the 7/17 as a deposition was just set for that day in Jacksonville. There is a likelihood that I will have to work at least some of the meet weekend so it made sense to me to cancel the meet. Should anything change next week, I will let everyone know. I believe this is the first time I've had to do this and I apologize.

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What? You mean all that courtroom prancing and dancing has to be researched and prepared? I thought you just got up there and went extemporaneously. That's what Al does.

j/k, Mike - don't go postal and start for the gun cabinet. This just means that the next one will be all the more fun.

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