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The Live Music Thread


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Saw Covet last night, they were awesome.  Hot and sweaty sold out crowd, not so much, but I finally got to see Yvette Young live (and I even got to say, "hi", although not much more), and hearing this organic music live is so different from watching YouTube videos.  Openers Holy Fawn (video below, sort of Sigur Ros, with the occasional Cradle of Filth "witchy poo" metal scream) and Vasudeva (whimsical math rock) were the perfect openers.

I have a couple minutes of footage of sweaty backs while Covet is playing on my phone, so here's this instead:


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Thanks Steve - yeah the Washington set was great - just rode on a wave of notes the entire time. 

The Herbie set was masterful - Band: Herbie Hancock, Vinnie Colaiuta, James Genus, Lionel Loueke, Terrace Martin.

Experimental - Musical - Engaging 

(first time seeing him - fan since I found his music in the 80s)


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5 hours ago, Voltron said:

Those are a couple of shows I'd like to catch.

Mikey, did Terrace play mostly sax or some combination with keys and percussion and stuff? He's super talented and interesting. Lionel is a straight up genius. Herbie is beyond. 

Yeah - thought of you while we were there of course. Terrace was split with sax (including an extended 7+minute solo in the 25 minute first song) and keys most of the time, he was a little out of view so there could have been additional actions taken. And Lionel - we could not figure out what the hell was going on, was that voice, guitar, synth, choir, other, all. Crazy. 

and 79yo herbie with the guitar keyboard jumping around on stage? more than either of us ever expected. 

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I guess I didn't post it in this thread, but Herbie and Kamasi (and Branford Marsalis and Joshua Redman) filled in four nights for Wayne Shorter who was ill and couldn't perform at SFJAZZ in January. It was a hell of a lineup and I was especially impressed that a young dude like Terrace hung in there with this super group. 

Herbie Hancock piano & keyboards
Terence Blanchard trumpet
Terrace Martin alto saxophone & keyboards
Danilo Pérez piano
John Patitucci bass
Brian Blade drums

Kamasi was on a different night with everyone but Terence, but I was out of town for the rest of the shows. 

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Kamasi is correct. They have been playing together since 2000 and I have seen them a few times since at least 2008. Brian Blade instantly became one of my favorite drummers the first time I saw them. 

Steve, Wayne Shorter was at the SFJAZZ dinner we went to years ago. Mikey was there too. 

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Went to see Selling Fairfax by the Pound last night (local, awesome Genesis tribute band).


Setlist went something like this (from memory, so excuse any inaccuracies, and really doubt the order -- there was an intermission in there somewhere):

Eleventh Earl of Mar
Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
Firth of Fifth
some song from the first album something with the lyric baby (Silent Sun, maybe?)
Blood on the Rooftops
First and Second Homes by the Sea
Follow You Follow Me
Duke Suite (Behind the Lines/Duchess/Guide Vocal)
Keep it Dark
In Too Deep
Horizons/Supper's Ready
Chamber of 32 Doors
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Musical Box (Closing Section)
Dance on a Volcano
In the Cage Medley instrumental section from Three Sides Live (inc. Cinema Show and Battle of Epping Forest)
Watcher of the Skies

omitted encore:  The Knife (!)

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Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited tour. Really good show, Selling England by the Pound done in entirety, plus some of his solo work from Spectral Mornings and At the Edge of Light, which I had never heard before, and for the most part really enjoyed. I wasn't feeling very well yesterday/last night, but I wasn't missing this. We were in the last row of the main floor, and I didn't wander down close to the stage. I did walk down the aisle a bit to get out from under the balcony, which improved the sound a bit, but it wasn't bad at all where we were at. Beth enjoyed it as well.



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