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Prepping for my first brew. I have a noob kit for German wheat (hefeweizen), a 5 gallon bucket with stopper airlock and spigot, 5 gallon stainless kettle, 5 cubic foot chest freezer with a temp control, hydrometer, siphon tubing, automatic bottle filler, beer brite sanitizer, bottles, caps, and capper. Need to buy corn starch. I'm aiming for drinkable with this batch.

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Indeed. Water added post boil has ruined both beers I tried it in, including a stout. Also noticing the pic again I'd say that's more like 4.5 gallons. Boil your priming sugar in another half gallon of water, if you've got any leftover hops toss a handful in while it cools.

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Brewed my first batch today on brewery system 2.0. It was a Geary's Pale Ale clone that I have been meaning to make for a while now. All I can say is electric rocks! It's so much easier just chilling in the basement knowing that what ever temp you set is going to be maintained without any extra work. Maintained my mash temp within .4 deg for a 90 mash with no work on my part. Also boosted my efficency from about 71% to 88%. Best part is I can monitor and control it all on my iPhone/iPad. 





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