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vBulletin 4 Upgrade


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Two things that I've noticed since the upgrade (sorry if both have been mentioned)

When I click on the little arrow in quotes to get linked to the quote firefox brings up the little arrow in a new tab as well as following the link. I haven't figured out how to turn this off. It appears to be due to the arrows being slightly resized in the quote mechanism because when you mouse-over the arrow it says "click to enlarge"

Also in the mobile version when I click "last page" it takes me to the first page of a thread.

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Sorry if I missed it but why the hell if I click on an image thumbnail do I get a separate window/tab with the thumbnail image in it as well as the nice multi-image interface? Figured it was getting fixed but after weeks like that I finally tried it in IE and firefox and it still does it in both. Appears to be something to do with the html source.

Eg in this post: http://www.head-case.org/forums/do-yourself/476-diy-amp-such-build-gallery-151.html#post326736

If I click one of the two images I get the thumbnail in a new tab in Firefox.

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