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vBulletin 4 Upgrade


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Now that I've had a couple of days to use it, I think I like it. Has anyone tried Tapatalk since the change on their iphones? I haven't used it in a while and when I opened HC on my iphone after the chance, a message came up that it was Tapatalk enabled. My recollection of the last time I tried it, it had some issues but since the new HC format and I guess some upgrades by Tapatalk, it is not bad. If they add the ability to search the forum, it would be even better.

I had not tried Tapatalk before but when I saw the prompt on first view of the site I d/l'd it and have used it a few times. Looks like it will be good for using during work hours for me - quick views and such. But I agree about the missing Search functionality. I hope they add it.

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Not spent long with the new look as I might have done. But one thing thats glaring to my eye is the very inefficient space use of this layout.

Peoples avatars and usernames (and such) should be in larger typeface. I have to squint to check who write what as opposed to reading it seemlessly. Theres a whole bucket of empty sky-blue space in that user bar. A sidebar to the left of each post rather than a title bar above it would be more efficient and reduce scrolling.

Theres also a large gap between the end of a users signature and the grey bar with the blog and reply options, that adds up to a lot of empty scroll space over a full page.

It just feels, kinda hollow. Maybe itll fill out, but I've clicked up the font size in Firefox by 3 notches, it means more scrolling but less emptiness.

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Hmm, it seems the administrators and upkeepers of this site, whoever they are, have made some changes. As evidenced by this thread, they also seem to be somewhat responsive to user inputs and requests too.

OK then.

Please enable the functionality for me, and only me, to edit the text under my username. I know this functionality exists, I did it once, you can't fool smarty me, you big nincompoops.

Do it for my account only, immediately or at least before lunch. I shall be patient and ponder about what I wish to call myself. You have 8 hours.

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