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Coffee Drinkers? (or other hot beverages)


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I was about to start a coffee-fi thread but I guess it's already here.  So I bought a Grindmaster OPOD a few years ago and it makes a great cup of coffee but my new apartment is fairly small so I need to seek some alternatives.  I'm thinking either Aeropress or Chemex or french press.  What do you guys think?


Also, my OPOD is still in almost perfect condition in box.  I think I bought it for $300ish.  I'll definitely give anyone a good deal or I can always trade for something.

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So I have been buying full bags of green beans (60 kg - 132 lbs) for roasting for about 6 years now.  The price is great at that quantity.  Recently, I have been trying to sell a bit of the bag at cost so I can have more variety with our beans.  We go through a bag on our own in about 6 months.


I was wondering if there is anybody roasting here who would be interested in buying some beans?  If you don't roast, let me suggest that this is a fun hobby and saves money in the long run.  There is nothing like fresh roasted coffee.


If there is interest, maybe I will start a new thread??


Right now I have two partial bags:

Colombian Supremo Huila Valencia @ $2.93/lb plus shipping and minor costs like paypal, supplies.



Ethiopian Yirgacheffe G2 SpecialPrep @ $3.68/lb  "                 "



Anyone interested?  I could go as low as 2 lbs. but would prefer to do 5 lbs.  More is ok too.

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