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Coffee Drinkers? (or other hot beverages)


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for anyone interested, the decent espresso DE1/DE1+ has just finished the design phase, and will be shipping this summer.  If you want to get one before christmas, this is the last chance to get one this summer via the pre-order.  John, the owner, has said the DE1 price will go up sometime after it begins shipping, because the margins are too tight.  



I imagine if you did a paid in full preorder today, you'll get yours within a week of me getting mine, and I paid in January.

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I have a Rocky Rancilio Doserless Grinder that I like.  My only complaint is you have to hold the button down while grinding.  Other than that, no complaints.  Comes apart easy for cleaning.  Jp has a grinder he likes a lot.  I forget the name but I'm sure he will chime it at some point.  You might as well get the package deal at Seattle Coffee Gear with the Rocky Rancilio Silvia with PID espresso machine.




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I'm embarrassed to admit what I use for a grinder for my French press, but you are smart to grind your own beans, Hop.  Beautiful brewer!

I'm smitten with beans I've been buying from Double Shot in all of places...Tulsa, OK.  The owner is quirky, but knows how to select and roast beans.  I receive them a couple of days after roasting.  Love me some good coffee.

I've also gone down the rabbit hole with cold brew coffee out of Austin that I purchase in a case of tins from Costco.  Take a case to work and I enjoy the lower acidity and caffeine kick (supposedly the cold brew process kills less of the vroom vroom).


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13 hours ago, Hopstretch said:

Any recs on a grinder from the cognoscenti?


Baratza Virtuoso is what I have and use.  Had a Bodum burr grinder before that which died an unfortunate death at the hand of a stone in my beans (it happens, evidently) and was specifically referred to this model as being able to deal with that without having terminal results.  I think I've had it for a good 3yrs or more now and it's been great.  Has both timed and button-hold options for grinding and the required variation of grind for drip/FP/espresso/etc.  

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I recently bought this grinder but it is for espresso machines (which is the type of machine you should be buying).  

Mazzer Mini Doserless Type A grinder 


I would call these guys up and ask them.  Great place.  



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10 minutes ago, HemiSam said:

It took me a while, but I've learned that over roasting is not my thing.  That was my only complaint with O.B.


I sent an email a while back to OB about the dark roasts no matter what coffee I ordered and the response was that they think it tastes better.  I stopped buying from them at that moment.

Stretch, I'm just a douche.  No need to limit to coffee or otherwise.

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1 hour ago, Augsburger said:

Mike with two undergraduate psychology classes under my belt I learned that one should not confuse "douche" with "obsessive compulsive" of which HC is populated with a plethora as members 

I am way more of a douche, then obsessive compulsive.  Ask Jp and raffy.

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