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Coffee Drinkers? (or other hot beverages)


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Bodhi Leaf sale


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We are offering over 30% off our Nicaragua San Jose.  For the next four days, purchase this washed processed lot for only $3.25/lb!  This specialty coffee was grown in the Dipilto region and contains a caturra varietal.  Click below for more details.


Click BUY NOW and use promo code SAN JOSE at check out to receive your discount!  Sale starts today Tuesday 3/15/16 and is good through Friday 3/18/16. 

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I received my first order from Old Bisbee, the 4-pack sampler with 1/2 lb portions.  Smelled wonderful when I got home from work last night so I brought the Tanzanian Peaberry with me to the office and prepared it in my French press.  I have very much enjoyed Tanzanian Peaberry over the years, although my preference is Central and South American varieties.

First observation was the beans were roasted quite a bit darker than I expected having read the information they publish (i.e. something along the lines of we don't offer varying roasts...we roast to the peak flavor).  The beans were quite dark and oily...I'm guessing roasted well past the "second crack".  

The coffee was good, but not great in my humble opinion.  I will try the other varieties soon and perhaps they will be more to my personal liking.  I've been drinking George Howell's coffees for a long time, as well as others including some local roaster's beans.  The GW coffees are some of the best I have had.


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Thanks for sharing, tyrion and raffy.  I was hoping that it was just the one bag/variety that was roasted that way, but I now expect it will be all four varieties.

Not the end of the world, but I don't want all my coffee to be like a Vienna roast...  It kills off too many flavors/nuances for me personally.  I used to like my coffee super dark many years back, but my tastes have evolved over the years and hopefully that's a result of exposure to more flavors and better appreciation.

Regardless, I'm a slut for the java....can't help myself.  Wish my stomach was as strong as it used to be...LOL.


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Have to share this coffee I've been drinking a few weeks now as it is every bit as good as my favorites from George Howell.

It is not inexpensive, but it is exceptionally good IMO


The beans are beautiful...not some mixed bag of sizes, shapes, etc...  He clearly puts a lot of love into locating the best growers and takes premium lots, that are subsequently handled with TLC.

I also tried this sun dried La Minita which is also very good.  Doesn't quite have as much character as the Columbian Maduro which surprised me a bit, so it's a nice option if you prefer a milder coffee.  It is still very very good.  I just prefer the Columbian.





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Different sources of beans here in the UK, and many artisan roasters run by two or three people.

Started with http://www.uecoffeeroasters.com/ , then went to https://www.beanberrycoffee.com/ and my current favourite is http://www.monsoonestates.co.uk/ . 

Currently drinking Monte Rosa (Guatemala) and anything from an Ethiopian cooperative (several kinds that come and go).

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