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Coffee Drinkers? (or other hot beverages)


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I've been using a manual poor over the last couple of weeks. I'm preferring it to the Aero, even though it's a much bigger pain in the ass to use and takes roughly 10 minutes once you factor in grind time. So I'm considering a Technivorm 741 now :palm:

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Speaking of Mysore, I didn't think it was as good as when I had it in the past. Did anyone feel the same? I am wondering whether to order again.

Same here Shelley, I ordered 2 lbs. today from OBR but passed on the Mysore. It wasn't bad but it was unremarkable.

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For those interested, Bean Box does subscription to some of Seattle's local roasters: https://beanbox.co/


I've been getting it for a few months now and just about everything I have gotten was not just tasty, but dang fresh. Usually only a few days after the roast date it arrived on my doorstep (Seattle to Ohio). I may have a one coupon code for 15% off for those interested.

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