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A roasted variant on a dish my Dad named Bachelor stovetop casserole. I change it up a lot. Today's particular variant is a large layer of Yukon Gold Potatoes, in a bed of olive oil and whole garlic segments, covered with a layer of large pieces of yellow onions, then a layer of red, yellow and orange bell peppers, a layer of broccoli, finished off with a layer of polska kielbasa. Olive oil drizzled on top. I like the char and flavor that roasting imparts.

Yes, this is a very large batch. This will be dinner tonight, but I'll be taking the rest to a New Years eve dinner at Dorothy's tomorrow night. Yes, I'm a pig, but not that big of a pig. 


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2 hours ago, Dusty Chalk said:

Fire chicken ( buldak) is started.


Well...I did a couple things wrong (I burnt it a little just like she warned I shouldn't; I didn't trim the fat (didn't see that in the video until after I mixed the chicken and paste together); the fake plant-based cheese didn't melt and bubble like real cheese (still going to use it next time, but will take that into account); I used too much oil when cooking the rice cakes, so they didn't all come out crispy; forgot the garnish), but it still came out delicious!  And filling (this is going to last me a month if I only eat one helping a day, which will be half size next time).  I'm going to prepare more paste -- I don't think I need to use it right away.

Already thinking of variations: 

Different pepper pastes and different chili pepper flakes?  

As a pizza?

Add onions?

Other meats (sausage seems like it might work; pork)? I don't think Beyond Meat or any ground meat will work, though, except maybe the hot Italian sausage.

Vegetables instead of protein (eggplant seems like it might work)?

Half as much ginger (not that I don't like ginger, I lurv the taste, it just doesn't agree with me (I think that may be contributing to my "full" feeling)). 

Twice as much garlic.  That's a given.  Might get one of those jars of minced garlic since I suck at mincing.

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One thing I learned working in a Mexican food restaurant (many decades ago), is that peanut butter helps take away that burned taste. We used it in the refried beans if they got burned. A little bit does the trick.

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