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Cauliflower Dal Fry and some really, really ugly naan (I ignored my own advice and didn’t measure, and this is the result: and you can tell which one was on a baking steel and which was on a cordierite baking stone). But the Dal was divine; the cauliflower dissolved into it but the lentils still had texture. Pressure cookers are magic. I would have been very happy to get this from a decent takeout joint (other than the ugly naan, though it tasted good enough), which is my benchmark for Indian food at home. A very beige meal, though. 

Used my new Tanaka R2 gyuto for the first time. It’s a dreamboat. Only had to give it a slight microbevel on a Rika followed by a chrome strop.

I sold my previous Tanaka R2. Not selling this one. These really should be at least twice the price (they aren’t cheap, but they are too cheap for what they are, and what they are is just… sort of perfect.) I wish the spine and choil edges were a bit more broken, but it’s sort of the house style, and neither is uncomfortable in use. But even at half this price point I expect more rounded tactile grip edges. I can round it myself, but then I would have to re-etch, and I just don’t feel like dealing with Ferric Chloride anymore). 

Everything can be improved.





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