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What are you listening to Part the Third


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Mansun – Six

It's strange I haven't ever listened to this album, or its predecessor, Attack of the Grey Lantern seriously (i.e., not while distracted at work)... I have the US versions, which have rearranged and substitute tracks compared to the UK releases. Fantastic Brit-rock for people with eclectic pop tastes. Complexly layered, passionately performed, and brilliantly composed, but ear candy nonetheless.


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The 1975 -- A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships 


This is getting some hyperventilating reviews like "OMG it's OK Computer for millennials!" which is bollocks of course. But it is very good in parts and quite thought-provoking as a whole.  For me, the B-side kind of meanders a bit, but it's one of those rare albums nowadays that absolutely merits a few listens all the way through.

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