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Hey Head-Case, what's your bandwidth like?


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Just got off the phone with a telemarketer phone monkey from my ISP. He was trying to sell me on a variety of digital cable packages, of which I had no interest. I did ask him about potential bandwidth upgrades. Right now I'm paying $60/mo for "12Mb down, 1Mb up" though I often get far below that.

The marketing droid listed the following options:

18Mbit down, 2Mbit up for $70/mo.

25Mbit down, 3Mbit up for $85/mo.

60Mbit down, 5Mbit up for $120/mo.

That last option is pretty sexy, but I am positive the wiring to my house would never deliver anything close to that throughput.

After I got off the phone, I did a speed test:



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Damn, dude. Removing the faulty (wired) router from my network chain has made for a notable improvement.


I think the router had been dying for quite some time. A year ago I got 500+ K/s when leeching off my friend's server. Earlier this year, it dropped to 2-300K/s. A month ago, it was 150K/s and last week it varied hugely but dropped as low as 20K/s. Last night it was saturating my downstream at 1.5MBps. I need a "Memorex" smiley here.

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Mikey, is that your own usage? Have they ever contacted you?

In their FAQ it says they evaluate based on your area and if you're affecting other users. Not to hate on my 'hood but I'm on the end of a fairly short line that I'm doubting is packed with power users (considering my connection never slows down). We'll see how they play it.

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^HD Streaming not provided by comcast that competes with their (overpriced, non a la carte) content offering? I'm Shocked!, Shocked!.

Had a college at work who got "The Call", after similar (Well 2TB/Month) usage, who was "encouraged" to move from a residential to a business plan, uncapped @ $15/month more. Worth it to him.

That is quite a lot of pr0n content smile.png

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