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Hey Head-Case, what's your bandwidth like?


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We've now got internets at the new house on the Vineyard.


Damn sight faster than I get on the mainland. Of course it's sodding Comcast and probably bandwidth capped at some absurdly low level.

Not to mention they supposedly uses some kind of "boost" trick that makes it look faster on speed testing websites.

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Just self installed a Docsis 2.0 Modem I got at a garage sale this morning for $5.

Slightly improved performance over the leased Docsis 1.0 modem which was EOL'ed ( since 1/11 - thanks for the heads up comcast - not)

So thats $7 + tax, less a month that I now have to hand over to comcast. ROI of < 1 month = WIN ! :)

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My folks' Roadrunner service up in Maine isn't all that great either, though in their case, both download and upload speed are atrocious. Of course, my in-laws' service (cable) is so bad that it's noticeably faster if I leave my iPhone on 3G than use their WiFi.

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