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    I've tested this supply and it works nicely
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    finished my Twisted Pear BIII Pro SE (9028)
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    Well, I rather not make recommendations but I would go for +400V/-460V and add one 20K/3W resistor on each board between +220V and +400V pads. I think I want something like this… ...for power supply.
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    Streams/creeks are full right now from rain and snow. Lots of water crossings. I cant wait until May when everything is dry, many of the trials that I ride are changed significantly due to erosion from the rain/snow and this year I can already see that my favorite trails will be unrecognizable! That creek in this pic is a miles long rock garden.
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    Garth Marenghi's Darkplace:
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    Oh, yay. I can now enjoy snake oil on the go!
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    Proof that FR graphs are useless as we all know?
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    I use The v tap guide From big gator tools with success. Use their drill hole guide for the drilling. I have no drill press. https://biggatortools.com/v-tapguide-faqs
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    I ended up doing forty five minutes of free weights this evening, and I have enough endorphins going that I want to jump back on the bike. I think that is a good sign.
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    Guys, yesterday I used my Shars Tap Holder with the CFA heatsink... incredible, in just 25 minutes I had finished screwing all the holes. All have been perfect !!!! Normally for this work I would need hours and surely some thread would be skewed. Great purchase and great discovery. Thank you!!!!!
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    Polarity- corrected Skylarking with original sleeve images
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    Such a great album. Both sides are fantabulous.
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    Absolutely love mine!
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    Earlier - breakfast empanadas.
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    Here's the accompanying board for the GR HV & LV supplies. It's got a built-in controller to turn the HV on after a delay (if needed) along with a power LED indicator (flashing to solid). I've also added a tap for both Normal and Pro bias.
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    Today's news is that he apparently hung himself.