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    OK, fired up the BHSE for the first time in months and listened to this new Tool album quite loud and my conclusion was I should get back into this headphone shit.
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    Well Done! Since I couldn't go to Denver to be with you crazies I did a little vinyl listening- A acetate master Played on this Made louder with this and a bottle of Franciacorta Then made really loud and clear through these
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    A Healthy Salad (That @naamanf may recognize) And some Chicken And "Waffles"
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    Thanks everyone, I actually posted the wrong image - I was comparing last year to this year - but nonetheless, yes, very happy with how things went. The time quoted in the image includes all stops, including time to help a friend change a flat. Moving average was 18.6mph. Correct Ride Data
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    Just ordered London/Wales and The Americans on Amazon. RIP.
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    Tekton M-Lore, Rythmik FV18s.
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    Decisions, Decisions Mango Coconut Lassi, Chocolate Coconut
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    Not today, but yesterday. Completed the Kelly Brush Century for the second year running. Trained hard, cut about 30min off my previous time and had a ton of fun with the same group of guys that I've been doing these rides with for the last 7 years.
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    welcome to the new iPHOTO 11 Pro Max (comes with a free phone and apps and stuff)
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    They probably don't have many followers here but I recognize that I like Morten Harket's vocal record quite a bit at the same time I like listening to his music while I'm doing things.
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    iPhone 11 Pro Max is a bit of a mouthful but OK, I'm in. I mean, 4-5 hours more battery life -- what? https://www.apple.com/iphone-11-pro/ Upgrade from a comparable (256GB) Xs Max is $649 after trade-in if anyone else might be interested. There's an option to finance at 0% APR for 2 years, which comes to $27.04 a month. Guessing a lot of folks out there will jump on the latter?
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    Is the GS-1 anything like the Gilmore Lite Mk2 voicing-wise? I find the GL2 to be dead neutral, with excellent technicalities, but the Utopia leans a bit to the bright side, and could really use a warm and lush signal path. In my system right now (with M51 as source) it sounds very clear, punchy, spacious, and detailed, but also a bit dry and a bit analytical.
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    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-people-schumacher-idUSKCN1VU25A good luck to ya, Schumi...
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    Cocteau Twins are always one of my top listens, I "go" to them periodically and run through a lot of their output.... Another fave of mine, a little more mellow and ambient, is Victorialand. Not as cool/freaky/spacey as Treasure, but a good listen when you're in a do-nothing mood or when you need something not TOO distracting while you work.
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    Hi All. Poping in from wherever the hell I've been. Posting in this thread because I'm mostly listening to the Uptopias these days and they're a bit of an odd load impedance-wise....... I've been threatening to try a solid-state amp for, well, years now. Without ever having done anything about it. A conversation over the weekend reanimated the idea. I'm seeking nominations for a SS amp that would work well with the Utopias - low Z out, quiet, don't need a ton of gain - that could be gotten for a small amount of money (<$1,000) since I have no idea if this is just a lark or not. And I suck at selling things, so said amp might be sitting in my rack, used or not, for quite some time. Doug's DSHA 3F is an/the obvious choice, but out of my experimental price range. It wouldn't hurt if the candidate amp had power to drive inefficient planars, as well. There is a Headamp GS-1 offered for sale elsewhere. The owner wants to bundle it with a pair of headphones that I need like I need to run a 3/8" Speedbor through my skull diagonally. If I can convince him to un-bundle, that seems at first blush like it might work. And Justin's work is beyond reproach. So there's that. Any thoughts?
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    sad - so many bottles - never to be opened. unless they were in the HC or PLOWED groups. "as I reach for a pour of the mortlach 1936/50yo - and shake my head"
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    Another one lives... this one is sbeylos. Haven't listened to it yet. I was doing current draw testing here. Without heatsinks: 275mA AC. With heatsinks: 249mA AC. Bias was around 15mA (~300mV across the 20R). Heatsinks should keep that in check.
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    And another biggie, Robert Frank is dead at 94. “He believed that photojournalism oversimplified the world, mimicking, as he put it, ‘those goddamned stories with a beginning and an end.’”
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    RIP Peter Lindbergh https://time.com/5668300/peter-lindbergh-death/ "This should be the responsibility of photographers today: to free women, and finally everyone, from the terror of youth and perfection."