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HC Bike/Cycling Thread


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53mph was pretty uncomfortable, mostly because I was passing someone at the time and as I came out of their draft and went by I got a little headshake/shimmy in the front end and wondered if I was going down.  I'm not sure I'd push it that far again. :) 


On the Strava/speed front it was pretty funny to look at the decent on the Kanc highway (not where I hit 53, but a paltry 48) where I did 11.9 miles in 23:36 and currently have the 10th fastest time on that segment out of 400+ people that have ridden it.  Much ass was hauled on Saturday, mostly on the decents but we did a passable job on the hills as well. 


One other funny picture, here's the big and the little of our team.  Marc is 6'-1, #260 and Pete is 5'-6", maybe #150.


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So, I rode with the group John introduced me to a few weeks ago.  Quite a few people showed up, so the plan was to have a B+ group (20-23 mph), a B group (18-20) and a C group (16-18).  We all headed out slowly, but after about five miles, it became apparent that there would be no B group.  I ended up with the B+ people, which really pushed me.  I was fine for the first 35 miles, but was horrible when it came for my turn to pull (I lasted only a couple miles, and almost got dropped after because I was still too winded), but I struggled the last twenty, and I'm not sure how I got through the last five miles, though I managed to stay with them.


For future reference, when you're pulling at the front you should only go for as long as you feel good.  Unless it's a pretty hardcore group or a training ride there isn't any limit for the minimum amount of time or distance that you must spend up front; stronger riders will take longer pulls while less fit riders may peel off and drift to the back after less than a minute.  Most road riders, especially experienced ones understand this and they won't get upset at you if you can only take a short pull at the front as long as they can see that you're putting in an honest effort.

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