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Florida Gathering 11/16/13 aka Geneapoloza


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Another one wishing I were there.  Just got back to the hotel from court and popped a bottle that I saved so I could join in Geneapalooza in proper style:




Cheers to Gene -- plus thanks for sending this fine brew -- and cheers to the rest of Team Florida (Local) including Vicki who was scurrilously left out the the evening drinking activities!  Have fun and keep us posted with way too many pics and posts and inappropriate comments!

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Just like old times.  I'm so happy.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  


Jacob, here's a couple shots from yesterday, just to make you want him more.




The guilty face and dirty beard of a cat food thief.




Puppy love face.



I'll get out of new mom picture pushing mode sometime soon, but he's a pretty great little puppy, even though he peed on John's floor.


Raffy and I are riding in the morning, so off to sleep.



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