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Focal Utopia headphones...with Beryllium driver


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Just looked, actually both the Utopia and LCD-4 are on the Wall of Fame, which is what Tyll said he was going to do on his blog of June 9, "I will be leaving the Utopia on the WoF, and will add the LCD-4 to the Wall of Fame, though reservedly."

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6 hours ago, purk said:

My mistake.  What I find pretty impressive about the Utopia is its ability to sound wonderful out of portable DAP.  I don't think the LCD-4 or the HD800 can do that.  

I saw a guy riding a bike while wearing a pair of HD-650, the other day. I wonder what he was driving them with. 

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At 60 the drop-off is severe.

You realise that gravity is not just a nuisance, but a force to be reckoned with.

Yep, the only jumping you can do is jumping to conclusions.......  else it leads to concussions........     :ph34r:

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16 hours ago, morphsci said:

I'm 60 and don't feel my age. I credit having kids.

I'll be 69 in less than a month.......   and I never feel my age.

I may feel younger or older at different times, but I'm glad i still feel my pulse......  :D


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Has to do with Innerfidelity for sure.  I do own the Utopia and find them quite great and yes I didn't pay full price for them.  Still, I think some reviewers have totally forgot to mention how little amplification one actually needed to power the Utopia.  I get excellent results straight out from my Sony NW-ZX100 & ZX2.  Yes, it does scale too but I can't imagine getting anything half decent with hard to drive Orthos such as Hifman HEK, Susvara, or LCD4 or even HD800.  

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2 hours ago, justin said:

You can generally get discounts on expensive headphones by asking. I'm assuming Adorama is intentionally burning bridges for a quick gain. I guess that's retail these days.


TTYJ and Moon-Audio are doing the same discount in the month of October and no trade-in is required.

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