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What I want is software like "Sound Byte" for the mac, but on the iphone. So that I can assign a grid of buttons to audio files already on my phone. Like the millions of sound board apps for the iphone, only with actual music files on my iphone already, instead of fart noises or sounds recorded with the crappy microphone. Anyone know of anything like that?

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For those that are looking for a sleep app, the Pzizz folks just came out with their iPhone apps ('rest' for naps with alarm at end, 'sleep' without). Currently, each $2.99 for next seven days, then goes up to $9.99. I'm a big fan of the Mac modules. Different than a lot of similar apps, as the tracks are created on the fly based on your settings. You don't keep hearing the same tune over and over. Anyway, thought some of you may be interested, especially those who travel.

Review of their Mac versions here.

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