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I am considering calling the dude @ the AT&T store to see if I can trade up to the 3Gs today.

I would definitely recommend doing this. They say "If you have a 3G, don't necessarily need to upgrade, but if you're buying a new one, there's no reason not to get the 3G S". You should be within your 14 day (30 in cali) period, I'd say its worth it. I have a friend who went from a 3G to a 3G S and wouldn't stop raving about it. I'd say it'd be worth it once you get more apps and whatnot loaded onto it... you won't notice as much of a lag or hesitation.

FWIW, this is coming from a phone junkie who hates iPhones (as phones, though I dig the iPod Touch).


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Rhapsody App now out...

... and it streams at 64 kbps (not sure the codec).

Rhapsody App approved by Apple: 8 million tracks streaming to the ether (update: video!)

After some technical issues, the app is not working. I haven't tried to listen with headphones yet so no comments on sq. From what I can tell, the cost is included in my PC account. At first it looked like there was an extra charge but I was told there is not.

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my impressions of the new iphone os and itunes 9, also people please note there is an update for the apple remote app..so if you dont do updates often get on it so you can have the newest remote update for use with itunes 9.

first off iTunes 9 is a true hit with me and how i use my itunes and ipod/iphones for pleasure and my job..remember i do make profit using itunes.

home sharing for me means i can automatic update my netbook i use to dj on the weekends wireless a easily from my home computer. before if i would add 800 songs on my home computer it would be a pain in the butt to load them to the netbook..easiest way was just do a full itunes library backup then reload all of it on the netbook, this ment updates for the netbooks library would not come often and i would be forced to tell people "i have not updated this machine i use to dj yet but expect the song to be here next week" which was not good for profits. now its a easy breeze and i can even update the netbook daily if i am doing lots of converting on the home pc.

home sharing is great for HTPC's you may use in the front room for movies/tv shows or even a cheap small pc used in a listening rig in another room. as some of you mentioned before with the mac mini use just with a cheaper pc used as the same.

genius mixes are a cool idea now but it's to early for apple to roll out a good setup of them. Genius function is a major function i use at the bar, at home and in the car..i love it. but the mixes function is not correct as regular genius is now, for example the music it picks for the genre's is totally off at times. i choose the "Italian mix" (i have over 500 Italian genre songs) but it picks songs completely out of the mix like Blondie's heart of Glass or Elton johns Candle in the wind..WTF do those songs have anything to do with any Italian music note ever written? these songs are CORRECTLY genre tagged btw. if you want a better version of what the Genius mixes then just create a smart playlist, sort by Genre, and then put on Shuffle...ipod classic users have to do this cause Genius Function is not available for the classic 120. i will admit the "Easy Listening" genius mix is pretty spot on, so i am sure it will get better with time.

shit someone is calling...will be back later...let me know what your all seeing with what i talked about above..

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Ok, so I swear this is a new one. Recently I started having trouble connecting my iphone to my work computer, it just wouldn't recognize it in iTunes and would actually crash the program. So I did so digging and found that what is often at fault has something to do with how the computer is "authorized" so the solution is to deauthorize it. Done. No problem, now I can connect the iPhone and it recognizes just fine. But there's a new similarly annoying issue. Now I can see the iphone but I can't do anything with it. I can't add music (my music, not iTunes purchased crap, I don't have a single song like that), I can't even add podcasts, nothing. When I go into the "Music" settings on the iPhone (in the iTunes interface) and try to check the box that says "Manually manage music and videos) it says:

"The iPhone blahblahblah is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library?"

Now the answer to that is no, I don't want it f'ing synced with any library. I want to add whatever music I want to it, wherever I want to. Especially when it's music that I f'ing own and didn't buy from you!!!

I've even gone back and "Authorized" the computer so that the same iTunes account is associated with both computers that I use (work compy, maclappy at home) and that did not help. If they've stuck something in there now that will only allow you to add music from one location I'm going to be pissed. This was never an issue with my Touch (although now that I try it, it is, f me) and I can't help but think this is a new development.

So. Not. Pleased. Any help or enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.

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i'm sorry to say this Nate, but I'm pretty sure that you can only authorize your iPod/iPhone to one computer at a time.

While this is true (AFAIK), it shouldn't be preventing him from adding music to it from a different computer. For example, I can add music to both of my iPods (classic, and touch) as well as my wife's iPod from my iMac (my music computer) even though they're all authorized on different computer from the iMac (hell, my wife's iPod is authorized on her Windows machine).

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While this is true (AFAIK), it shouldn't be preventing him from adding music to it from a different computer. For example, I can add music to both of my iPods (classic, and touch) as well as my wife's iPod from my iMac (my music computer) even though they're all authorized on different computer from the iMac (hell, my wife's iPod is authorized on her Windows machine).

That's weird, every time I've connected my iPod to someone else's computer to charge it, iTunes always asks, "Do you want to delete this iPod?"

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Be happy if it's an exception Haj, mine used to work that way too. It's only been in the last 3 to 4 months I'd guess that it's been a problem.

I've noticed this too, Nate. We have I think 8 different iPods in the house, for 3 people (don't ask).

I used to be able to connect any to any machine, and any NEW song would be able to be loaded to that iPod. Anything already loaded to another could not be put on the new one.

Now, on my iTouch (haven't tried it with others) I get the "delete" message. Oddly, I haven't updated the firmware on it (it's still 1.x!), nor updated iTunes from version 7.1 (IIRC).....

For simple song movement, you may be better off trying one of the 3rd party proggies that can move songs back and forth.

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Maybe I'm missing something here, but isn't configuring an iPod/iPhone to work with multiple computers simply a matter of setting it to manual mode?

Using iPod with multiple computers

It makes sense that you can't do it automatic mode since you're not syncing with one music library.

As I said, I tried setting it to manual mode, it then asks me to do this every time I plug it into a different computer. Manual mode either isn't sticking or no longer does what it is supposed to do on both my iPhone and iPod Touch. I don't sync either with a library, period, so the fact that it keeps telling me that I can only sync it with one library is nonsense.

Tried that. Doesn't work. Still wants to erase everything first. This goes for Apps as well.

Yup, that sounds familiar, sucks completely.

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