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Uhh, its portable (no power supply needed), and its 1tb and its $100. Usually the price is around 130-150. Also, amazon says that theres a 3 year warranty.

Not a great deal, but a good deal

Also, it seems the hd in this can be put into your laptop, which is what I'm planning to do.

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$4.99 CDs @ J&R (valid in-store & online): http://www.jr.com/category/music/n/44-4294857608/

Elusive Disc:

4th of July Sale! 10% OFF your order! Offer ends Tuesday July 6th, 2010 at 6PM EST!

To take advantage of this Sale, enter '4TH OF JULY' in the Special Instructions field of the Checkout Page when placing your order on our webstore. The discount WILL NOT be reflected on our website. We will download your order, adjust the price, and then bill your credit card the discounted price.

This discount cannot be applied to PRE-ORDERS and items notated on our website as 'Not Eligible For Further Discount'. All Demos are eligible for this Sale!

Music Direct:

4th of July Sale - 10% off all orders!

We're celebrating Independence Day with 10% off all orders. Simply Use Coupon Code "USA10" in the coupon code section at checkout and discount will be automatically applied to your order. Please note: Music Direct will be closed Saturday, July 3rd through Monday, July 5th in observance of the Independence Day holiday, but our webstore is always open. Hurry, offer expires at midnight, Tuesday, July 6th!

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15% off of HDTracks orders until 7/31 with code G2010. Don't know if its account specific for gold loyalty customers only, but it is probably only one use per account. Seems like they are getting a lot of new artists.

I just got N2010 a few minutes ago, and I've only ordered one track ever from them. Anybody who wants to use it is welcome to.

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Newegg.com - Open Box: SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

Samsung Spinpoint F3 1Tb for $46.99, it's an open box deal but FWIR the warranty still applies. Probably won't last long, these are really great hard drives, my personal favorite storage drives -- fast, reliable, and quiet.

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ScoobyDeal - a Deal @ a Time (SM)

Those usb battery packs (same but rebranded as the ones that were on woot before) are $7 + 5 shipping. Got 2 for ~20.

Also woot has the kindle today for $150

What I like about that battery pack (from the last time) is that it holds it's charge for a long time. So when you go to use it you don't find it to be totally dead like some others that I've tried.

Nice deal on the Kindle, and if I didn't have the iPad, iPhone and Kindle app for Mac I'd seriously consider one. But even the Nook hardly gets used now.

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My nook is still in very heavy rotation over here. I prefer reading on it to reading on anything else.

I used the nook a lot until I got the iPad. Switched to iBooks and Kindle apps on iPad then, and now back to B&N iPad app as well (since it was updated). I only occasionally use the nook when I need something lighter to carry around the house. Once they properly sync page bookmarks between nook and iPad app I'll maybe use it more.

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I use it simply because I like the eInk. It's easy on the eyes for hours of reading, which is usually where I find myself. I can't imagine plowing through Cryptonomicon on a backlit screen. Aside from that, the iPad reader apps are all brilliant, and I think eInk as a technology will likely be somewhat marginalized by excellent devices like the iPad.

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After getting the iPad I immediately bought a few ebooks and have yet to complete one. Hell, I've yet to finish a sampler. Between the eye strain and the draw to check RSS feeds, etc. this is the one area the iPad hasn't been a complete success for me. Well, the other areas successes might be the problem. ;)

Although I wish the Kindle had native ePub support like the Nook, converting non-DRM files seems simple enough (and DRM ones I could care less about format). Every title I've checked has Kindle editions cheaper than B&N, iBooks, and Borders ebooks and all, including Amazons, paperbacks. I'm sure there are exceptions, but I haven't come across one in the last couple weeks (admittedly have only looked up a dozen titles).

Audiobooks to me is all about commutes. Increase or decrease that and their use adjusts accordingly. I listen to about a tenth I did five years ago. Well, that and podcasts have nudged them aside a bit - that damn This American Life app!

Tack on the weight difference with the iPad and I hope this is going to be a solution. Fingers crossed. if not, at least it will be a way to share ebooks with others. Toss them the Kindle/iPad while reading the other.

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Whole lotta coupons at newegg came out today

Newegg.com - Coupon Frenzy! Get 10-25% off on ALL Hard Drives, Blu-ray Burners, Keyboards…

25% off any klipsch or Energy speakers: EMCYVYZ22

10% off any hard drive: EMCYVYZ29

10% off any Panasonic HDTV: EMCYVYZ25

10% off any LG HDTV: EMCYVYZ24

10% off point and shoot digital cameras: EMCYVYZ28

10% off any atx or htpc comp. cases: EMCYVYZ35

10% off any LG monitor: EMCYVYZ23

15% off any switch or wireless routers: EMCYVYZ32

10% off any home surveillance product: EMCYVYZ34

15% off any keyboard: EMCYVYZ27

15% pff amy card reader: EMCYVYZ33

10% off select mobos: MBJULY

10% off all Blu-ray Drives and Burners: EMCYVYZ26

free shipping on all gps units

25% off Klipsch might be interesting for some here. Here's all the Klipsch products they sell, Newegg.com - Klipsch

Personally I got a fast Blu-ray reader for my computer for $81 shipped (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827136189)

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