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Sony XA-5400ES


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I wouldn't go that far -- I happen to like Sony's implementation of DSD. Sony Insider reports:

According to Sony Japan’s press release, the DSD multi-level filter, D/A converter system, and Super Audio D/A converter technology are the best Sony has produced to date. A twin R-core transformer and D/A system that is independent of the general processing chipset allow a truly clean signal output that should offer nearly zero distortion.
Anyone read Japanese?
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Why not do a pricey ES line blu-ray/sacd player?

They're doing one of each instead.


Seems to be the trend. Pioneer have a new uber-BR player with a ridiculous analog section that is not going to do SACD or DVD-A either.


BDP-09FD analog section

AC Switch and Filter (Dedicated Board)

Toroidal Transformer (Dedicated Board)

Custom Analog Power Supply containing Pioneer Custom Made Caps (Dedicated Board)

Analog Audio Board consisting of 8 Wolfson 8740 DACs running in Dual (Differential) mode. The diffential mode of these DACs work on the same premise as Balanced outputs by inverting the audio signal 180 degrees out of phase and then comparing the two signals at the end to eliminate any external noise from entering the audio path. This mode also increases SNR by 3db. (Dedicated board on black glass PCB board (instead of pressed paper PCB))

8 Gold Plated RCA Analog Outputs

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I'm still trying to figure out who the hell sells the damn thing online.

Here you go (okay, so no technically online, but close enough).

AudiogoN ForSale: Sony scd-xa5400es Audiophile SACd

I've unfortunately reconsidered buying this as I've come to my senses and decided I can spend my money better on my house/upcoming wedding.

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I really love mine. Don't know what to say other than that. Better than

the krell sacd standard. 2 channel balanced output. hdmi output.

Don't know about the super expensive sony piece other than it does NOT have

hdmi. Does not even have balanced. More of sony's unplugged fly by wire approach

to management.

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i'll be ordering one and the lowest price is $1050 w/ free shipping

Unfortunately the Krell SACD Standard I bought has too many problems

- unreliable in detecting SACD layers on the first, second, or third try

- digital filter select buttons do not work

- can't go to previous tracks (back button will only restart current track)

- annoying high freq noise in standby mode

I'm going to try to get it fixed but my expectations are very low

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