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Genital Pictures....oh, and pens


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Hello germs,

I originally posted this topic on guttersluts.com but really didn't get the responses I was looking for so I figured I would come over here and post it to a less trashy(?) group of sluts.

Ok, so I know we all love our stuff and shit but every once in a while we need to write shit down.

My reason for writing shit is usually job related. So my hobby is collecting fine government writing instruments made by the fine handicapped people at Skilcraft. The great thing is they are free (unless your a tax payer) and most people just leave them laying around so it's easy to get a good collection. My day usually starts with me using a .5mm mechanical pencil to writing down the weather for my flight period. Then the same pencil is used to write any notes down during the mission brief. After that I have to switch to a pen for the flight because pencil lead seems to break at the most unopportune times. The pen is used to write down fun stuff like UTM grids to IEDs, insurgent training camps, rocks disguised as insurgents found by UAVs, locations of friendly forces in highly armored vehicles freaking out because someone is shooting at them with a .22, and the location to a Kirdish village where a guy is dressed like Ronald McDonald. I also some times use a marker to mark things on my maps, but normally to write on the dry erase board and piss people off. I did have a red marker to match the blue one but since they are filled by the blind it didn't last to long.

Here are my tools of the trade:


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I`m learning to use a Pelikan M400 fountain pen, the ink literally does flow when the nib touches paper.

I`ve been surprised, it is a real pleasure to use, the first and only time I`ve had a writing implement that glides when in use :)

Pelikan M400, Oblique Medium nib, Noodlers Polar black ink

p.s. am unable to write with ballpoints or pencils due to the induced physical stress and resulting exhaustion.

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I think naamanf's original post is funny as hell, and starting off with a reference to guttersluts.com set a very nice tone.

I like mechanical pencils and good rollerball pens but can't seem to be bothered to have anything but firm issue stuff at hand. I always have a few different sized Sharpies around too because they are one of god's best gifts to mere mortals.

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Weeeee, another leftie here! Apparently I write differently from other lefties so I'm extra special :) I have to use quick drying roller ball pens or everything I write ends up smeared across the page and my left pinky gets covered in ink/pencil/chalk/crayon etc.

I prefer keyboards myself for writing.

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I am shocked and dismayed that this thread is not more popular. 


I come seeking assitance - 

Does anyone know of an all metal body that can accept a uniball jetstream ink cartridge? The pen should be insanely substantial. Machined brass is not out of the question. 

Ideally it would have a screw on cap, but I'm open to clickers and pens where you spin the barrel to open. 


I cant find anything. 





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Didn't even realize this thread existed.  I spent about 10 minutes today trying to get a stuck ink cartridge out of my Vanishing Point.  After I managed to get it out, I realized that my box of ink cartridges was empty.  I guess I'll be ordering them along with more of my favorite pen - Pilot Precise V5.


Oh, and love the photo, Ari.

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