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Ye Macce Threade

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Excited for you Dan.

Native Instruments would be my major issue (I think Kontakt will only run in demo mode right now). Terrible customer service there! (unfortunately, most of my projects have an instance of Kontakt on 80% of the tracks).

Just keep an eye on that Production Expert online list I linked. It should stay pretty current.

Apples seems to have done their best to make the transition as easy as possible.

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You should be able to do a "dongle to dongle" dongle train.


I would wonder if the drivers/firmware are Big Sur compliant (contact Apogee or check their web site for the latest).


I've got a firewire 400 Metric Halo that I use for location work. I have a 2012 MBP that I use with an external FW800 drive with a usb dock built in. That uses the only FW800 port.

So the Metric Halo is connected to the Thunderbolt 1>Firewire800>Firewire400 (2 dongles).

The driver isn't Catalina compliant so I'll need to do a board upgrade when I buy a new laptop.


If you can, use the real Apple dongles. They are pretty solid.

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The M1 Macs are too new and plenty of software has yet to made compatible with Big Sur, so we can only make educated guesses where 8G of ram might be a bottleneck.

For now, I'd advise early adopters to max ram.

It could make a huge difference in resale value if it turns out 8G is a real issue.

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Makes good sense to me Dan.

I have little doubt that the next gen of "pro" level Macs will make my i9 iMac look weak, but at this point, I don't need +200 tracks.


IMHO Content is King and 99.9% of folks could care less what gear was used to create something.

My main concern is eliminating distractions and not having to stop to work out some bug.




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48 minutes ago, Grahame said:

Where is Tyll when we need him.

Who's going to take one for the team,  or are you going to wait for the pro max?

To Tyll's credit, he predicted that we'd see the tech come much more strongly into the headphone space in the future when he was on his way out from InnerFidelity.

Apple doesn't seem to be doing personal HRTF in the sense that Tyll predicted, but they do seem to be doing some kind of equalization based on sound interactions from inside the ear cups to fix sonic deficiencies and enhance noise cancellation.

Makes sense. If you can't get there with electrical and acoustic engineering then use EQ to make up a lot of the difference.

I think I might take the plunge.

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I think I might take the plunge.

Much appreciated. I like my AirPods Pro a great deal, but largely because they’re small enough to just always have on my person. I sometimes go three days without putting on shoes lately, so my need for “mobile” headphones is not high.
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