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Dunhill joined me for a movie, last night, after I turned on the space heater.

Coraline, if anybody was interested (Field of Dreams, which I had never seen, was first. It was delightful, but Dunhill didn’t join for that).

It wasn’t Bossa Nova, so Silver couldn’t be bothered. She loves Bossa Nova (especially when it’s a Stan Getz video; good taste) and ignores almost anything else. She stares intently and keeps perfect time with her ears (this is not a joke) to Bossa Nova music. I have video evidence.


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My new small obsession: Fat Cat Art.  A HS FB friend followed this woman's page, she has a fat cat and is a painter (or does photoshopping well).  She injects her cat into various scenes and famous paintings.

Sadly, her cat (Zarathustra) just passed recently.  But she's amazing and fun with her work, even some YouTube videos that had me chucking tons.

I especially liked this because we used to have a fat orange cat named SOTA.  Some of you may remember a multi-page thread around 2006 on H-F where SOTA was photoshopped to hell and back.  He became known as The Rambo Bose Kitty, and had his 15 minutes of cat fame.

Anyway, fun to browse:  https://fatcatart.com/?lang=en

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