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The analog thread.


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It's the 501 MkII. Got it from a guy who'd just had it retipped at Soundsmith, so it has their ruby cantilever and line contact stylus. He said he thought it sounded better than the original, but that may just have been marketing. :)

JP, I love the look of that Denon table. Classic, no nonsense design.

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The first rule of hi-fi is never tell your wife the real cost of hi-fi and make sure you buy her jewelry every chance you get.

Absolutely true. I disclose my audio purchases in GBP$ when caught.

Oh I am now getting ready to offset the ULN-8 :eek: with some ice. Bad time of year to have guilt.

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I love the Denon DL110 and DL160. I just mounted the DL110 and it sounds very similar to the DL160, with some break in it might sound even closer. They beat out two AT carts (including the 440mla, IMO most over rated cart on the SH forums). I keep thinking to go for a HO Bloom, but then I spend another small fortune on music :palm:

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Maybe someone here might have some insight into this:

Vinyl Asylum

This is with a brand new DL-110 that replaced a worn 160. I'm hearing the cartridge play music (and it is a decent volume IMO) :o

Otherwise the music sounds fine through the headphones or speakers.

It really isn't a problem to my understanding and while it is more or less prominent with different carts I think it is always there.

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Thanks, I'll research the CIAudio VPP•1 MM/MC Phono Preamplifier. I think Grawk also recommended the Haggerman Bugle. Any others in that price range that I should look into while I'm at it?

Check out [url=http://www.vista-audio.com]Vista Audio - one for the phono-1 rave reviews from audiocircle guys.Also check out audiocircle for the ACLE special edition version.

look in the Vista audio circle on audiocircle forum for info about $300.

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