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Which Cooking Are You?

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I've done the falling asleep thing too, with much more inedible consequences. I then faced around an hour of cleaning the carbonised mess off the bottom of the pot.

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Batch #2 is still going strong, so after watching this video:


...decided to go with garlic paste, and then top it off with ground dried roasted garlic from a grinder, for those two different tastes, which I always kind of knew, but never really understood.  I do like fresh chopped garlic too, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never tasted that in a sauce that I’ve made.  And then store it for later eating.

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I like things simple :)

If time allows, JD + spices + poly bags + red meat. You marinate it right, all you need is a frying pan, can't mess it up.

If time doesn't allow, spaghetti + tuna or freshly grinded tomatoes. Tons of Kerrygold or extra mature cheddar on top.

The end.


Have heard mention of vegetables / assorted ""healthier"" ingredients, but i'm a man of science. Barring hard scientific data (which -lacking the knowledge- i'm thankfully unable to collect myself), i refuse to give in to petty fallacies and as such ignore them. One must above all be reasonable.

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