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What are you listening to Part the Third

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Some Glenn system testing.. Current configuration in New place.

I was gonna post this isn Slow, but I think it's more appropriate here.  TMBG's Flood came out 30 years ago today.  After I got past my initial "holy shit am I old" reaction, I reflected upon the firs

It has been a long evening....    a long musical and sad evening.            and lots of Mac 12yo... 

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Donald Brinegar Singers, Celebration Collection

Yes, really.  The lead singer of Al1ce shared privately with me that she sings on here, so I gave it a serious listen and it's so peaceful and soothing and perfectly sung I can't help but love it.



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Sometimes you just need a burst of concentrated happiness with all the shitty news out there. Thankfully Bob & his Wailers always deliver.

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Live At The Rainbow, 4th June 1977


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Just discovered it today, myself.  Was searching for all versions of “Push the Sky Away” on Tidal and ran across two covers (in addition to the original and several live versions).  Loved it, listened to the rest of the album.  Love how they translated “Red Right Hand” to a lullaby.  The rest didn’t need as much work to make it less rocky.  Love how melodic the source material is, their versions really bring that out.

Now listening to Endless River because of a certain discussion on Facebook.

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Working through 15 Essential Black Liberation Jazz Tracks 


For those without access:

Sonny Sharrock, ‘Black Woman’ (1969)

Hal Singer, ‘Malcolm X’ (1971)

Mtume Umoja Ensemble, ‘Baba Hengates’ (1972)

Pharoah Sanders, ‘Izipho Zam’ (1973)

Roy Brooks and the Artistic Truth, ‘The Last Prophet’ (1973)

Sun Ra, ‘Space Is the Place’ (1973) 

The Descendants of Mike and Phoebe, ‘Coltrane’ (1974)  

The Ensemble Al-Salaam, ‘Malika’ (1974) 

World’s Experience Orchestra, ‘The Prayer’ (1975)

Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson, ‘The Liberation Song (Red, Black and Green)’ (1975)

Brother Ah, ‘Transcendental March (Creation Song)’ (1975) 

Oneness of Juju, ‘African Rhythms’ (1975)

Black Renaissance, ‘Magic Ritual’ (1976)

Pan Afrikan People’s Arkestra, ‘The Call’ (1978)

Infinite Spirit Music, ‘Live Without Fear’ (1979)


For those on Qobuz I've collected the tracks available there at https://open.qobuz.com/playlist/3367069 


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