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What are you listening to Part the Third


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So until 20 minutes ago I had been listening to the Colossus through the Parasound Zphono USB, because the Pass Pearl had the wrong resistors installed, and I had to turn it to near full volume to get much sound at all. And it had a ringing at that level. 

Marc and I mulled that over, trying to remember why it would have been set that way. We ended up deciding to change the resistors for 12K and adding an SUT, which the DL-103 really likes. 

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So, now with the new resistors installed and the Denon AU-300LC SUT in line, I'm getting my first real listen to the system as a whole.

I can definitely hear the improvements that the Pearl brings right away, but I still sing praises to the Parasound Zphono USB.

It's a really good phono stage for the money.

The Pearl is just a bit better at everything though. 

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4 hours ago, luvdunhill said:

Any impressions of the Cadenza cartridge or the overall setup? I might need some German engineering turntable love down the road.

Now that I have a working tonearm and a proper setup, the AMG is super solid. The 35lb platter is spinning at 33.3 and 45 RPM very consistently and steadily. The arm tracks precisely and without any wobble even if I walk around on my relatively spongey floor, which was a serious issue with the dead arm.

I'm still getting to know the sound of the new cartridge and it is hard to compare anything given that I've barely been able to play this TT previously. The only cartridge I got to work briefly was a much cheaper Soundsmith moving magnet. I am going to try side by side listening to some vinyl and digital versions of the same recordings. I can try to add some thoughts on sound later.

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